Friday, 20 February 2015

February Fab Bag  
Hi dollies , this is the third fab bag that i have received out of the one year subscription and quite happy with the products that i received and the bag it self, that was a special bag in heart shape for valentines day ....
and the best part is they shipped the bag way early this month so that the products and the bag can be used for VDay, that was damn coooolllllllll .........

 This is the front side of the bag which is black in color and has a chain like handle which is stylish and ost of all its in heart shape, it shows they have taken their time in giving something special to us on Vday ,
and now comes the back side of the bag 
There is nothing much to describe as it is quite plain 
so moving on to next.... :)

These are the products that is received in the bag totally

And here u go the description card listing the goodies in the bag and their full sized prices

 This is the book clubbed the pics of both the front and the back side of the book so that u dollies can have a look as it how the book looks

1. The First Product is KAMA Mridul Soap free face cleanser, thats a small jar of 5gms, the pics of both front and back so that u can c whats actually on the cover and the back

    This is how the product looks, its powdery and has a cap and a protector to make sure the cap doesnt get messy or prevents the product leakage or wastage  , coming to the price 295/- INR for 40gm

2. The second product is from the same brand again KAMA brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream , it says rejuvenating and brightening night cream , and both the products has a validity of 2 years and even this is a 5gm sample jar

So this is how its looks, seems to be too yellowish in the pic, but the actual product is say cream in color and is not very heavy,  when applied and absorbs into the skin so well, doesnt feel greasy at all, a full review will be done later , and even this has a protective cap to prevent the mess and the price is 1195/- for 50gms

3.SALLY HANSEN Maximum Growth Plus Nail Color - Trust Mauve

 the shade is mentioned on the top with a small sticker on it, the price if 475/-  INR for 13.3ml and this is a full sized product that i received , it has a semi opaque finish and not sure why they named it as mauve when its no way related to mauve family , its more like a orangish nude shade

4. LIVON Moroccan Silk Serum : This is the front and one side of the box

These are the other two sides, the instructions were given as to how to apply the product and the other side the benefits of the product is given

this is how the bottle is and the manufactured date is mentioned on the bottle as an embossed effect , so doesnt need to worry even the print goes away on the bottle, and its in a cute beautiful pink with a pump dispenser

This is how the bottle is and the  size of the bottle it is prized as 259/- INR for 59ml , but the product sent was a sample of 35ml for 149/- INR

 This is how the pump is and dispenses quite sufficient product in one pump, mostly for medium length hair two pumps is more than enough and has a pleasant fragrance , the price is mentioned on the bottom of the box... Unfortunately mine was spilled during shipping as the cap was not screwed at all, and it hardly contained any serum in it..... ;( ;( ;( Only a couple of pumps was left , 
But i contacted the fab team leaving a suggestion and they replied to the email stating they will be replacing the product for me which was AMAZING CUSTOMER SUPPORT .... i really appreciate them for that

5. LA SPLASH Lip Couture Till Midnight in a bright red color , it is a waterproof matte finish lip paint which comes in a transparent box, with the shade mentioned on the bottom... its truly opaque and two coats will give a neat flawless and it is definitely waterproof, kiss proof ;* ;* , drink proof and on and on and on ...
which is priced as 1000/- INR and this is the second full size product i received .(OMG!!!! iam too happy with this as i got a nice bright red and not a Light shade as im not a big fan of nudes and light shades )

And here u go these are the shades available in LA SPLASH Lip Couture, and they have also mentioned how to wear this lip paint for long lasting wear time , pictured it so that it can be useful for all the beauties ...

  1. A beautiful bag this month which can be paired with many outfits as that was too cute 
  2. got bagful of products and the bag was actually stuffed with the products this month 
  3. out of 5 products 3 beauty products were sent this month and out of them 2 were full sized products and love the LA SPLASH Lip Couture 
  4. Total worth of the bag this month is 1790/-(Approximately)    

  1. Livon Moroccan serum was completely spilled during the shipping, hence i dint get a chance to try and review it, However their customer support was amazing, the moment i informed them that the product was empty they promised to replace it , hopefully i may receive it along with the next months bag 
  2. Apart from that i doesnt have any regrets or down sides in this bag r with the products that were sent 
  3. The KAMA brand has sent a very small sample of the products that one cannot come to a decision whether to buy the product as it takes regular usage of any product to know whether it works r not, atleast the sample should last 10 days to judge the product 
Anyhow i doesnt have much to complain about that part as the brand is an expensive one they are limiting the samples i guess, this is all about the february fab bag dollies, hope it will be useful for someone
Do let me know how the post was , in the comments section below 
I would highly appreciate that 
C u All with another post till then byeeeeee.... tc 
as always become more and more gorgeous as every single day passes,... have a beautiful and Lovely day ahead

Friday, 13 February 2015


Hi beauties..., this is my second fab bag out of the one year subscription, without much talking today im going to go show u the products that i have received in my jan 2015 fab bag 
 so these are the products that i totally received in my JANUARY FAB BAG, will list out all the products one by one 
 This is the description book with a hint about the products that are sent to everyone randomly with coupon codes to purchase at a lower price on their site if u like nay of the products tried...
i really loved the cover page of the book ... very attractive 
 and there u go a personalized description card with my name on it , listing all the products they sent me in the january fab bag along with the full sized products price... (we can calculate approximately the worth of products that we received each month)
 SEASOUL - dead sea facial mud mask, this is a full sized product that i received and it costs 995/- INR for 50ML , it looks like a typical mud mask , hasnt tried it yet , so once i try will surely keep u posted , and the best part is this is suitable for all skin types... so any one can try it without any
 Bioderma - sebium gel moussant face wash, it says it is a purifying cleansing foaming gel, and the product i got is a sample of 10ML, the full sized product costs 1299/- INR for 200ML, this is the first time fab bag is sending the Bioderma products and is mentioned clearly on the book itself
Splurge daily moisturizer - this is also a sample of 35ML, and the full sized product cost 420/-INR for 100ML , it has uva and uvb protection, and has a divine fragrance , and it is also mentioned that we can add our fav foundation and make our own bb cream ... 

 this is the LAQA & CO fat lip pencil in the shade Siren Song, this is the second full product in this months bag which is priced 800/-INR for 3gm , its a bright brick red color and comes in a crayon model which is very easy to apply the product , i used this couple of times already and love it , but the wearing time is a bit low , detailed review coming soon 
last but not least , this is the face mask they sent in gold, and they also had a contest to apply the LAQA fat lip pencil and wear this mask , and then we have to make a cute pout and tag them in fb, instagram and twitter ... 
i missed doing it :( as i was busy with work and hardly got time to blog 
this is the cute little shiny shiny pink bag in which i received all my goodies... sorry sweeties my phone was not picking up the pic more neatly than this this is the best that i can get out of it , planning to buy a good cam for blogging... hmmmm but need to wait to gather the funds for it :( :( :( so these are all the products that i received this month , this month i totally received only 4 productsm ,ay be because of the high end products that were bagged this month , however the total worth if the bag approximately is 2031/- INR so... im very happy with what i received , fab bag consistently meets my expectations .....

  1. the total worth of the bag is 2031/- INR
  2. we get both beauty products and skin care products as well
  3. all of them are from popular brands and HG products
  4. the cute bags that they send every month
  5. and last but not least with a subscription of 399/- INR  a month u will definitely get more than u pay 
  6. FAB BAG TEAM always amazes me by exceeding my expectations each and every time 
NOTHINGGGGGGGGG............. at alll...... im very glad that i have subscribed for the fab bag , LOVE You fab bag... ummmwaaaaahhhhhhh <3<3<3

c u all with another post till then....
bye sweethearts , as always become more and more gorgeous as every single day passes,... have a beautiful day ahead

Monday, 2 February 2015


Hi beauties this is my first fab bag , and im going to share with u what all i received in my bag , it is just a sneak peak and im going to show u only the items that i received along with the free goodies i received , a detailed review on each item will be done later as im in a tight schedule posting it very lately sorry for the delay but from next week will make sure i will update regularly , infact updating my blog regularly is one of my new year resolutions....:) so i will make sure i will definitely  keep it up 
No more blabbering let us go to the pics .....

Here You Go.....
 so these are all i got in my cute little red bag, i would list out the items one by one 

This is the book i received with the description of the items and the coupon codes are also provided in case u would like to buy the products with them in future 
and secondly the description card mentioning the items they have sent and their relevant prices for our reference m and the most beautiful part is that the card is personalized with my name on it ... YAAAAAAAY... happy happy to see that they really take time to personalize the card 
This is the massage oil kit with 2 bottles in it and the kit i received is from KRONOKARE - ITSY BITSY massage addict kit 
1. cooling oil with mint flavour 
2. detoxifying oil 
35 ml each 
this is the blush i recieved from BELLA PIERRE , in a beautiful peachish color which is really subtle in shimmers and applys flawlessly on the face with a slight glow to the skin im in love with it ...(detailed review will be done soon ) and this is the full product worth 1400/- INR that i received and not a sample (so tooo happy)

this is the BODY BUTTER from TATTVA , and a small 25gms sample which applies smoother than butter and has a refreshing fragrance 

this is the lip scrub from TATTVA , a second product from the same brand which is a sample again and will last quite some time ... tried it and it works really awesome

and this is a beautiful handmade scented candle from INDIE ECO CANDLES which is in lemon grass and give a pleasant soothing smell when burnt

as i have paid for annual subscription i got this cute CLINIQUE eyeshadow with a blush ABSOLUTELY FREE (when the given coupon code was applied during the purchase), the actual price of the product 1700/- INR

last but not least this is the chocolate box that i received as a goodie for Christmas , with 6 chocolates in it .. that was really cool,... after all who doesnt love chocolates especially girls ... ;)

this was the bag in which i received all my stuff... the bag was really cute and handy and stylish all at the same time ... Actually speaking my bag was totally stuffed with the products and im totally happy and overwhelmed with the subscription....


1. too many products in my first bag which really made me happy 
2. a worth subscription i would say (4897/- INR ) per an year , which comes approximately around 400/- INR per month which is very very affordable 
3. all the products offered are from high end brands which we may not try or which we may miss 
4. the bag is a combination of both samples and full sized products which is really value for the money paid
5. And last but not least i bet we would not be able to get a hand on all the above products listed for just 400/- INR which is the most great thing about it 


there is nothing that i really dont like in the bag , and i received my bag soon  than i expected, but still too much of excitement and expectations made me feel like the wait for the bag was like ... FOREVER... 
i hope that would be the same with all of us ,, when we really crave for something too much ....

however hope u all liked the post , do leave ur comments below, that would really mean a lot...

C u with another post sooon.... till then tc bye bye ... 
let each and every day u become more and more beautifullllll

Monday, 5 January 2015

Makeup Items Haul - Mini haul

Hi cuties.....;)

iam going to share a mini haul of my makeup stuff that i have purchased from and

let me list out the products according to the pic nums

  1. beauty blender  from aliexpress
  2. Lipsticks from aliexpress (a set of 12 )
  3. blening brush, 3ce concealer in shade 2, nail art brushes, korean bb cream, oil absorbing papers from buyincoins
  4. glue for nail foils  from aliexpress
  5. 3ce lip pigments in shade No4, which is a bright orangish red from aliexpress
  6. Miss & Mrs Lipstick (matte red shade) from aliexpress

 so these are the products that i purchased... wanna post and share them with u all...
so will do a detailed review on all the items sooooon...

bye bye c u all sooon

Thursday, 20 November 2014


Now lets c the look step by step
STEP1 : Starting with plain eye without any makeup
STEP2: apply concealer r primer
STEP3: apply the shade SIDECAR from the inner corner to one three fourth of the eye  
STEP4: apply the shade HUSTLE to the outer V
STEP5: blend everything well without any harsh lines
STEP6: apply SIDECAR to three fourths of the lower lash line, and HUSTLE to the rest
STEP7: apply the shade HALF BAKED as the highlighter to the brow bone
STEP8: apply the eye liner and kohl to the water line and finish it off with mascara 

 as my eyes were neutral paired it with a matte red lippe ;)

3.CONCEALER (efolar, shade 04)
4.RED LIPSTICK (UR FAV SHADE OR BRAND)- i used  miss and mrs allure lipstick in shade 10
5. RED LIP BALM (hang fang , shade 20) - bought on tmart 
6. RE LI P LINER from M.N shade 028


so this is how the final look came out, i was so happy the way it turned out and by the way got so many compliments for the look, so wanted to share it with u all ...hence recreated the look and posting it
pls do leave a comment if u like the look 

bye beauties c u all with another look m till then bye tc 

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Tip Of The Day 

Hi beauties ;)
                             iam going to share a beauty tip which makes ur face fair and smooth and fresh 

Things Needed :

1 : Rice Flour
2 : Milk (Boiled OR Raw)

  • Add the rice flour with milk and apply to the face and neck as a pack 
  • Leave for 15 mins
  • Sprinkle water on the face after 15 mins and massage with small circular movements
  • wash with cold water 
  • Pat Dry 
  • Apply moisturizer or toner(rose water works as a natural toner)


this pack can also be used to lighten the elbows and knees , and to remove the sun tan

This is the tip of the day darlings, do try and let me know how it works, 
im sure it works great to all skin types

Do leave a comment if u have tried 

C u all in next post
Till then tata :) bye bye ;) :)

With Love <3 <3 <3 


Monday, 8 September 2014


Now lets c the look step by step, and it goes clockwise, starting with the top most left corner

theregoes the look and now let me give i the step by step description:

STEP1 : Starting with plain eye without any makeup
STEP2: apply concealer r primer
STEP3: apply the glittery copper shade(1) only to the middle of the eye
STEP4: apply a matte bright pink (2)around the copper color (left, right and slightly above the copper color)
STEP5: apply the matte purple (3)on the outer V for the depth of the look
STEP6: then apply the transition color (4) shimmery nude in the crease area and blend the colore well with the pink and the copper to get a suttle look
STEP7: apply the light shimmery cream color (5) as the highlighter
STEP8: apply the kohl to the water line and smudge it
STEP9: apply the matte bright pink(2) on the smudged kohl
STEP10: apply eye liner and mascara and finish the look


As the shades are already listed above not going to mention agn,
No: 1: its the copper shade used as the first shade on the centre of the upper lid, seems to b golden brown but actually turns up to be a copper when applied
No: 6: eye shadow brush
No: 7 & 8 : blending brush
No: 9:  angle brush (big) used to smudge the kohl
No: 10 : Oriflame Kohl
No:: 11: eye liner brush
No: 12 : gel eyeliner from magic flower
No: 13: Mascara

Few pics of the Look